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Let The Place Of Forsyth Win a Place In Your Heart

Have you ever had to wonder where your next meal is coming from? Have you wondered how many more days is it going to be until you eat something? One out of every eight people in Georgia struggles with hunger. This is why our team at AB Insurance has decided to act upon this and make a difference.

The Place of Forsyth was founded by four nuns that arrived at Forsyth county and decided that they needed to fulfill their purpose of helping others out. Since 1975, the Place assists resident families with emergency basic needs in difficult times. Also, it operates a thrift store on-site that provides affordable merchandise to the public and a food service program and community garden.

Today they serve the community with financial emergency assistance, clothing, food, and many additional support services. These services also include a workforce development initiative and a focus that helps needy households through referrals from schools and senior centers.

Our team at AB Insurance is deeply inspired by their mission and will work towards their efforts to raise awareness and funds. This is why we are offering to donate $20 in your name for every referral you send our way for a non-obligation quote. How many can you give us!

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