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Mark A Dunn


I grew up Pasadena, Maryland in a large family. Raised by my Grandparents, I lived alongside my 2 brothers, 2 sisters, and my 2 uncles, all in the same household. I became self-reliant at a young age. I started working when I was about 11 years old on a paper route. My career in the Insurance Industry started in 1985 with Colonial Life and Accident, which are similar to Aflac. I quickly became a top agent and moved on to Florida to market health insurance from 1990-2002. I became a ‘Million Dollar Award Winner’ earning numerous trips, and awards. I became a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Consultant in 1990-1991.

I then worked with Estate Planning and senior products. From 2010- 2015 I was an Independent Adjuster working in Texas, Illinois, Georgia on hail storms and other Business and homeowners claims. From 2016-2020 I worked on Small business health insurance for independent business owners and small business owners. I believe insurance for small businesses is underserved. With my experience and knowledge of the Insurance Industry, I can be a valuable asset to any small business. I enjoy helping a new agent understand the needs of the small business owners and how the coverages can be tailored to fit each of our clients.

In my personal time, I enjoy cooking foods on my smoker, being on the lake or in the mountains hiking. 

(770) 628-5914

Stephen Macke

Principal Agent

I was a military brat and have lived in a dozen different places. My formative years were in South Carolina where I attended College at the Citadel. My initial experience in the Insurance Industry came as a captive agent, which provided me a solid foundation but left me wanting more. I became independent in order to cover more risks and take care of more people. Insurance is one of those items in life that one has to deal with and if I can make that a good experience for the customer especially when it is needed the most then that gives me a level of satisfaction. I take pride in teaching and guiding people as best as I can. I sit on the board of an NGO that helps homeless families. On the weekends, I enjoy relaxing at home or spending time with my daughter and grandson. 


(404) 537-1717

Ron Bagley

Associate Agent

I have been working in the insurance field since 1981. Throughout the years, I have gotten licensed in multiple states. I also lead to multi-million dollar sales forces. I have been married since 1968, and can proudly say that I am a Vietnam Veteran. My favorite pastimes are family time – especially grandchildren’s activities, golf, boating, and fishing.


(561) 427-4199