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Landlord Insurance


Being a property owner comes with its pros and cons and the responsibility that it holds is on the higher end. Fire, floods, and any other incidents would leave your pockets drained if you did not have an insurance policy. The standard insurance may not be enough if you are renting out some houses hence the need to obtain landlord insurance. You would consider looking at the content insurance too in cases where you are renting out a furnished home. A good insurance policy should provide buildings and property coverage against any accidental damages.

Requirements for getting coverage:
Many eventualities can happen when tenants are occupying a house. Therefore, homeowners should focus on getting an insurance policy that covers their needs rather than the one with the cheapest deal. The plan may not be a legal requirement, but it would be fulfilling to have all safety measures in place. The insurer does not require the details of your tenant, but you should notify them whenever any of them vacates the house.


Some of the requirements that the insurance provider requires include:

• Status of the tenants living in a building and the duration of the agreement.
• Rebuilding cost of the house.
• The construction date of the property.
• Cost of the personal items in the house.
• Types of locks and alarms in the building.
• Cost details of any claim done in the last few years.

It is important to customize the landlord insurance as much as possible to ensure you have complete coverage in the event of an accident. Some of the standard coverage options that you will get from most insurers include:

1) Personal injury protection- this insurance policy covers against injuries arising from situations such as wrongful eviction and entry, invasion of privacy, and slander.
2) Loss of Income Coverage- the insurance company provides coverage when the property is unlivable following a covered damage.
3) Property owner liability -the insurance company gives coverage for any damage or injury that happens on the investment property.

Other coverage options that the property owners can consider getting include lock replacement, legal coverage, loss of rent, and accidental damage cover.

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